Earl Grey Supreme .Harney & Sons

January 17, 2009 at 1:05 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Earl Grey, Tea Reviews | 2 Comments

1.8$ hot water + teabag @ au bon pain (not bread, but pain, as in painfully overpriced).

was waiting around so i thought i’d get some tea to pass the time…

The teabag smelled really nice, the profile i like. Dipped it in 8?oz about 3 minutes…

Taste: uhm… lets say some mild citrus/lemon? + uhm… cardboard? … i tried to figure out
what the heck i was tasting… re-introduced the bag in water, swirled it around some more
maybe got some mild bergamot, tannin/atringent came out, added all that sugar, but in the end …

Overall: nice smelling teabag bag, tastes like sweet cardboard juice (if sugar added).



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  1. Um, you call this a review? Drink it with milk (the way it’s supposed to be consumed) and your opinion might change. If we can call this an opinion.

  2. #1 please refer to the about page,
    #2 What do you think 99% of “tea reviews” on the web are? Please recommend a web page of a “professional tea taster” with a tea review website, also not following an agenda or pushing products, thanks.
    #3 I dont drink earl grey with milk because thats how i like it; i dont limit myself to “how its supposed to be”.
    #4 Constructive criticism would be more appreciated – do you have a different experience/opinion?

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