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January 1, 2009 at 2:36 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Tea Reviews | 1 Comment

What better way to start the New Year than with Lipton tea bags in my fav mug ! YAY tea !

And: since i have a ($10) scale with “+/- 0.1g precision” i did weigh the tea content of the “pyramid” teabags. its ~ 2g of “leaf”… And this leaf does contain a couple bits longer than 2mm. which may be stems. or represent the 3mm long leaf found in the lipton tea fields?


Compare leaf, left to right: Lipton black pearl, Ineeka black, Yunnan “gold” premium, Yunnan gold (YSLLC)
bottom: an oolong.
leaf size itself wont give a better flavor. just comparing manufacturer claims.

Method: 2bags in 16oz mug, 1bag 4oz, 1 bag 8oz, etc x 3-5 min, 200F water.

Flavor: not much flavor other than teabag black. some astringency and same nondescript Lipton black tea flavor (an Indian mix of some kind). depending on infusion strength tannins remain coating the mouth, sometimes give a sweet feeling…. Might have a bit more flavor than regular teabags and less of the “dusty”-“concentrated” “tannin”
as regular lipton bags… Maybe not as much flavor or tarty/tanninic as Taj Mahal, PGtips, Yorkshire Gold(my fav tbag), but none of them is “a winner” on my tastebuds. I drink it, its not really trash, but not that good.

Overall: these PYRAMIDS or the “PURE LONG LEAF” !!! did nothing to make the tea taste better. The only reason I would buy any tea bags is the “convenience” factor. throw it in a mug, 3min, throw it out, drink, wonder why didnt spend 2 more minutes to use the better tea i have (i suppose i dont want to run out of the good stuff, so i drink tbags.)


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  1. Hello there,

    I have experimented with a couple of teas before I found the best which I think is Brooke Bond Red Label Loose Tea.

    They have bags also may be you will like it better. check out here


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