Cleaning your SLR camera & lens, scotch tape version

December 29, 2008 at 10:23 pm | Posted in Photo, XYZ not T review | Leave a comment

GCCE Ghetto Camera Care Experts present:

Cleaning Your (D)SLR camera 101B: put youre Scotch(R,TM, etc) tape to more uses…

tip: dont press tape with finger, just let it float and attach itself to surface.

top row: Lens & back element, will not leave smudges or glue residue 90%

middle row: Mirror box, just be gentle you don’t wanna yank the mirror out, and don’t be jamming your fist in it, its a delicate piece of ‘quipment. (be careful with it, there’s a tiny thingy on the other side of the mirror which lets light into the focusing sensor below the mirror. (I played with the mirror flipping it up and down within its limits but you dont have to, if you dont feel like playing with an expensive & fragile piece of plastic).

bottom row: Focusing Screen: this one is a bugger, 50% may leave glue residue/smudge on this crappy piece of plastic with many ridges that grab glue. … but most bugging is going at it, be careful not to break/tear the mirror slap foam thingy. Cut a thin strip of the tape or fashion it so only the tip is sticky so that it doesnt stick to the foam.

Warning & Disclaimer: do this at your own risk etc i’m not responsible etc, dont seek your lawyers at me. Thanks!

I been cleaning my lenses and cameras like this for >5 years, and aside from microfiber cloth on lens i dont use anything else (qtip on sensor 1 time). Ofcourse its the advice of 1 man. Your experience may differ. Use whatever works for you and you’re comfortable with.


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