Pai Mu Tan White Tea

December 28, 2008 at 12:57 pm | Posted in Green Tea, just green tea, Tea Reviews | 1 Comment (product link). ~$3.5/50g/1.7oz = ~2/oz = ~$33/lb.

Cleaning out my closet …found this one in a drawer 😛

Leaf: looks ok, kinda varied, some broken leaves. buds, many cute silvery buds . This tea is called Pai mu tan, Bai mu dan and …White hairy monkey; hairy monkey sounds right, tho i dont like to drink wet hairy monkeys that much.

Method: 5g + 4oz 60C water x 3min. (also tried 40C, 100C in other “experiments”)

excuse the unprocessed unsharpened some darker imgs, me so lazy.

Taste: long-jing-ish, “pan-fried oil” taste of chinese green tea, a low tad of astringency was present …eh. Lots of these “fried oily” components remain and coat the tongue and leave a long “aftertaste” on your mouth, sometimes a slight hint of sweet in the aftertaste. Reinfusions go ok, green “astringency/tannin” gets stronger. Not much in the smell/aroma department. No flowery from this one, and not sure if this is the same as white peony but many moons ago i had a bagged white peony which was delicious and flowery – White Peony .Triple Leaf Tea

Wet leaf: seems mostly it would be bud leaf but some are chopped, not very homogeneous looking.

Overall: its ok, doesn’t work for me.


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  1. I believe that Bai Mu Dan (Pinyin) means White Peony. See BabelCarp:

    I have also found non-puerh from Puerhshop to be well on the Ho Hum side.

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