2007 Winter FengHuang WuDong Old Bush DanCong “Huang Jing” .HouDeAsianArt.com

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HouDeAsianArt.com(review)(product link). 19.5/2oz or 117/1lb

i got this because i was the pretty leaf  tho i cant find the link now (on Phyll‘s blog maybe).

Leaf: big, whole leaf, pretty brown-yellow colors. some are very twisted and dark(roast?)

#1 5g 40C 4oz 1-1.5min poured in 1oz cups,
waited for liquor to cool down
drinking a cup then breathing out thru the nose
ooooooooooh so pretty
on the tongue this fruity-flowery sensation (sorry cant say which fruit)
the 4th oz tasted a little towards roastedness

#2 reinfused 4oz 60C ~40sec, waited for liquor to cool (cant enjoy this when hot)
some very tiny tannin…. still so pretty
the 3rd oz cup oh so flowery (breathing out thru nose)
some tannin now left on tongue but just feels like roughness in touch not flavor.
#3 reinfused 4oz 46C
a little more tiny tannin/astringent (yes little tiny tannin), less of the fruity-flowery, but still pretty.
#4 reinfused 4oz 90C ~1min
mild-med tannin but without much “tannin flavor” except if i played with the liquor on the tip of the tongue can then feel medium tannin. medium-low of the fruity-flower flavors/aroma.

other note: seems tasting these little cups over and over leads to alot of air being inhaled, if you dont just sip the liquor, gave me a sensation of being tired, i can see from a rapid succession of drinking lots of many little cups can lead to  dizziness from “increased breathing rate”.

Overall: the tastiest nicest & prettiest dancong i’ve had so far.


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