2006 Banzhang Arbor King Pu-erh Tea .Puerhshop.com

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Puerhshop.com(review) .

got this as a sample with another order. can’t find any info on it.

Method: 200F filtered water, cupwan, 30s,40,40,50

correcting artificial light white balance sucks. colors are probably off.

30s,  in 3oz,  (just ate some fat&sugar, may affect taste)
smell/aroma: nutty
flavor is nice, strong, does not taste green, so i guess its a shu. “soft wood” flavor (based on some memories),
some throat dryness,  no astringent/tannin in rest of mouth=i like.

30s, 4oz,  darker liquor
more intensy woody + aroma (nose)
like. no astringent/tannin

40s, mild tannin.
50s, flavor changed a little, some tiny concentrated bitterness spike. somewhat watery now.

Wet leaf: looks like parts of leaf, some intact leaves here and there. gritty-sandy feeling, brittle hard leaves.

Overall: i like this.


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