2006 Changtai Banna Tuocha (昌泰版纳沱茶) .Puerhshop.com

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Puerhshop.com(review) (product link). was 4.99 now its $5.99/80g/2.8oz = 2.14/oz = ~35$/lb.

Cleaning out my magical drawer …

Leaf: tuo weighs ~80g of leaf without anything else. Seems “airy” – not very dense. Lovingly stabbed it… repeatedly… with mouthwatering pleasure. Tried to follow what would seem the direction of the leaves – hoping to preserve as much intact leaf as possible. Tuo broke in tiny pieces very easily, crumbled is a better word. Wet leaf looks like little bits and chops, i didnt manage to get anything large…

liquor pics are darker, only represent 15s,25s,25s infusions.

Method: 6g tortured in many ways, various water 1-6oz, various water temps ~68F(20C) and 200F various temps. was tasted hot and cold.

4oz 200F water:15s,25s,25s: not sure whats wrong with my tongue these days or if something with the water: flavor seemed watery = mild flavor that goes quick. flavor profile: shu-ish “wood-bark“, some “tannin-astringency” leftover in the back of palate & tongue but low = ok and not overpowering. A little different from yesterday’s 1999 Loose Leaf Pu, less flavor. Not much smell to the wet leaf/infusion but there is a minor “strange” smell that i cant describe.

1.5?oz room temp water ~3min: hmmm, interesting… medium strength green-like tannin-astringency, wood-bark but with a different twist to the flavor that may be what i sensed in the smell and still cant describe. …could stretch it towards medicinal/camphor but not really… fried green onions? (i just fried some yesterday… pretty sure i have different clothes on today. oh oh… brain is over-processing the fried onion association, im starting to feel it on my tongue more now… settle down brain, we’ll make you some wonton soup soon.)

6oz 200F water ~7min, tasted hot, but mostly when it was cooled: interesting… similar to above but wood bark flavor is less. fleeting “sweet” sensations in the back of throat that appear 1-2 min after drinking.

I need to “recalibrate” my tongue somehow…

Overall: not bad, interresting at times (especially in the 1.5oz cold water), but flavor is mild for me.


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