1999 Loose Leaf Pu-erh Tea .Puerhshop.com

October 29, 2008 at 2:03 pm | Posted in Looseleaf puerh, Pu-Erh, Shu (cooked), Tea Reviews | 2 Comments

Puerhshop.com(review) (product link). $6.39/50g/1.7oz = 3.63/oz = ~59$/lb.

Cleaning out my closet … forgot about this

Leaf: very nice and big on top, most leaf is below this nice layer due to being broken and smaller and whatever the physics that keeps smaller particles below and big fluffier things above. Wet leaf is harsh and gritty, not sure if from age or roast before storage.

Method: 200F filtered water + dixiecup gongfu in 2 ways:
one by 5oz tea in 3 or 4 oz water, timings 15s,30s,30s,1m,2min.
and another 5oz tea in 8oz water, timings 3-4min.

(5oz, different brew)

– all methods yielded the same basic tastes: “wood bark” flavor, somewhat/minor/very small: “old-feeling“, “dusty-old book”,
– varying “wateriness“: more water/less leaf/less time = more “wateryness” , and more of throat dryness.
– NO astringency-bitterness whatsoever.
– very small amount of “sweetness” aftertaste …very small, …i felt almost like i was squeezing my tastebuds to feel any sweetness, but alas not much, not enough to satisfy and left me longing …. i tried and will try again with more leaf less water because its like … something is missing!
– depending on water/leaf/time i got this very tough dry throat sensation, sometimes very unpleasant made me cough. not sure if its something with my throat today so i’ll try another day.

Overall: not bad, but missing something for me, and too much throat. hugest leaf to date 4 inches/10cm.



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  1. Let the soup cool, you would feel the sweetness.

  2. Hi, thanks,
    Yes i did try cold, actually i have a .5L bottle of a couple infusions on my desk.
    While there is some sweetness it is a very light sensation compared to the main “woody” flavor. Also the liquid seems to be alkaline on my tongue and maybe that also gives a somewhat “sweet” feeling but not in a flavor type.

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