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October 16, 2008 at 10:53 pm | Posted in Green Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | 1 Comment

$1.5 @ (Super) Target (FL) Never seen a SUPER Target before, seems to have apples and salad alongside the usual. Did have lots of BEER AND WINE, had like (yes i’m from LA-LA Land) the whole friggin selection of Negra Beers: Modelo, Especial, Coronas !!! … helloo New York state and some stupid (East Coast) laws whereby i have to waste time driving for a bottle of damn beer or Manischewitz wine (really dig this sweet stuff).

i passed on the store brand bottled teas… The itoen teas tea bottles i’ve seen at all the Targets i been to, $3.99/2L is your best choice here.

pics unedited, sorry ’bout the darkness, color, tilt.

Label: “malt beverage” with “brewed tea” …what sort of beer weirdness is this ? …but i got it anyway.

Aroma: pop the top: smell like almost nothing

Taste: sweet –> some sort of lemon? + bubbley feeling + alcohol throat and sting in mouth.  + sweetness.

… this tastes more like some sort of a alcoholic soda than either beer or tea anything… eeh. I know what it reminds me of: Mike’s Hard Lemonade.. same sort of feeling – different sort of taste, more Shitty for Smirnoff, More Better for Mike’s Beer lemonade.

Overall: crapola. No. not even if needing of getting drunk.

*PS: alcohol is bad, damages liver, stomach linings, direct toxic effect on some cells, hepatitis, cirrhosis, pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer, etc etc. Alcohol+ smoking a major cause of esophageal cancer, pancreatic cancer and more.


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  1. i loove green tea raw tea!
    very sugery not anything like twsited tea :]

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