Kuro cha (Puerh + Jasmine) .Asahi

June 11, 2008 at 12:13 pm | Posted in Pu-Erh, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

$1.99 found at Sunrise Mart (NY)

Asahi ! hope i didnt buy some alcoholic tea 😀

Got home, tasted it, …. hey… not green tea…

Peek better at the english translation:

ingredients: Puaru Tea, Jasmin Tea, Vitamin C

… puaru… well… that kinda sounds like puer… 😛

found the JP product page, which google translates as:

Feature: “Chikara born aged, black tea”
With time and maturity-fermented green tea “black tea”, through the use of the unique flavor of deep rich can enjoy a cup of tea.
● aged fermented green tea “black tea” Pu-erh tea (Yunnan Province, China produced) and a deep rich flavor仕立てました.
● de Sukkiri to finish it easier to drink, jasmine tea (China-producing province of Fujian) blends.
● fragrances unpigmented

OK….so its a black tea either that or aged black/puerh + jasmine…? no? yes? I’ll classify it as an RTD puerh.

Smells a little of jasmine but doesnt carry into taste (a little… but its very faded),

Taste: some roasted sensation…either roasted corn…maybe barley-like?. Aftertaste sorta seems to remind of (shu) pu-erh… but its faded. There is some medicinal flavor(more apparent when the tea is cold). But flavors blend pretty well together and has an interesting profile (except for the medicinal part). Didnt notice any unpleasant astringency/biterness (or i forgot).

Overall: Not bad, its different, @ 2$ on the expensive side. of a 0.5L bottle. Get again: YES.


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