Tea Peach .Ito En

June 10, 2008 at 10:53 am | Posted in Black Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

$1.49, found at Sunrise Mart (NY)
tho it says on the label its made with Black Tea….

If i’ve tried American peach teas (Peach Tea .Lipton, Giant Peach Juiced Tea .TazoSummer Peach Iced Tea .Snapple, Peach oo-la-long .Honest Tea) why not see how Japanese tea people do it…

^ i am big, just click on me

Taste: … FRUIT ! i am pretty sure this is the closest of the bottled Teas to a real fruit taste i’ve had (Giant Peach from Tazo is my favorite of the bunch, but i can’t remember details to compare which was the fruityest)….remembering childhood …having peach compote (fruit boiled in water + sugar).(note: the word is compote, no relation to compost.)

so, Fruit + fruit tangy/tart in the mouth, sugar is medium-low = can feel sweetness but its not dominant. It feels very fruity-real to me (haven’t had peach in a while tho).

I don’t taste/feel anything weird (citric/strangeness.)

Some aftertaste, some from sugar, a fruity sense on the palate, tongue… its not watery, and i feel i want to drink more (or maybe its the heat).

Almost forgot: no tea taste :\ …. maybe its in the aftertaste feel combined with the sugar, but very not present at all.

very satisfying on this hot day…


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