Yerba Mate Unsweetened .Guayaki

May 27, 2008 at 12:53 pm | Posted in Herbal Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

As i was saying in my previous assam bottle post. NYC, WholeFoods, Central Park. Hot. Sun. Baking. No sunscreen. Oops. Burning. Ouchie.

I think i see a space in the yerbamate on the label so this post is called yerba & nbsp ; mate… profound.

This was 1 out of about 3 unsweetened, unmixed, unflavored bottled teas at Wholefoods, not a good day… Whole Foods needs to hire me. I want that 20% off employee discount. I’ll buy more unsweetened unflavored bottled teas than they sell to 100 people.

Onto the main feature:

Taste: WTF?! salt ?! WHATF ? … SALTY ?? EEECHHCHCHBEECHH…. i actually flipped over the bottle and there it was on its back label : SODIUM 11mg x 2 = 22mg (how much is that in grains of salt?)
+ taste low of yerbamate, a better dilution of flavor than others have achieved…
some of the naturally lemony i think of the mate,

but its just Nasty To Me, i can’t take the salty weirdness . eeeechhhhhyness. i did drink it all tho. i just couldnt believe my tastebuds, and everytime, “there it was”, “there it was”, “there it was”, “there it was”… weirdly torturing myself, and still don’t believe !

Overall: gee… toughie but quickie,  SALTY DRINK = NO.

ps. ok it says “a grain of salt is about 5.85×10^-5 grams” so 1 grain = 0.0585mg, from which you calculate that 22mg salt = 376 grains of salt. (also in theory, a grain of NaCl is a cube of 0.3mm sides, sqrt376=19, so which leads to 22mg pure salt being approx a solid salt cube of 5.7×5.7×5.7mm).


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