2003 Songpin Imperial Pu-erh King Tea Cake .Puerhshop.com

May 25, 2008 at 3:42 pm | Posted in Pu-Erh, Shu (cooked), Tea Reviews | 2 Comments

Puerhshop.com (review) cake sampler (outlink) $3.49. Shu pu, 2003.

Memorial Day Weekend. Interrupt bbq with some pu. Reach into T storage area grab something…

 Dry leaf:
 Leaf looks dark,
 smells not green,
 its not sheng,
 it must be shu ! 😛
Picture is of the entire sampler.

…someone unplugged my Tiger… waiting for water to boil…on the stove !
Method: boiling hot filtered water + the smaller piece seen in picture.


30s no wash but drank: bit watery+ sort of a sweet feel tip of tongue + tree bark (woody). Oh i’m going to like this.
40s same
35s more woody bark
30s same
30s same but not feeling the sweetness very clear, seems tastebuds are now blocking this flavor. a little of dark-chocolate “astringency”. Kinda not feeling flavor concentrate enough, doing longer steep next
1m more developed, “denser” profile, more clear “dark-chocolate astringency“, very nice.

couldn’t drink everything at the same time so combined them all + another 2-3 more infusions(possibly could go longer but i got tired). left to cool down. drank later: very enjoyable, flavor as noted before + some sweetness in the aftertaste (not strong, but present. maybe there’s another way to infuse this for more sweetness but i don’t know how).

Wet leaf: brittle. (well cooked or from storage?)

Overall: this is the kind of flavor profile i like. Similar to Royal Pu’er Cha (Yun Nan Cha) .Zhong Guo Cha but this here puerh cake seems more …mellow? that royal puer was stronger in flavor and stronger “dark choco astringency” and developed more rapidly (being looseleaf, not compressed cake piece) but this 2003 has definitely sweet sensations on the tongue. No harshness, no unpleasant flavors(pond,dirt,etc), no strong distracting astringency/tannin … = YUMMM !



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  1. Wonderful post! The sequence of cups is especially revealing here, I think; and I am so jealous that you can do it! Though it wasn’t one of my favorites, this tea cake did pretty well with everyone else in the TeaChat thread.

  2. Hi Salsero,
    I think Wesli told me to get it,
    i didn’t know what i was tasting when i started,
    Is there something particular you didn’t like about it?

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