2004 CNNP Old Tree Green Pu-erh Tea Cake .Puerhshop.com

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Puerhshop.com (review) from the Year of Green Tasting Kit (store link).
Year of Green review: 2006 Arbor tuo, 2004 CNNP Old Tree, 2007 Mengsa,
2007 Old Banzhang, 2007 Menghai Crab.

Dry: smell nothing. Leaf looks more orange, not much green…

Method: approx 2x2x0.5cm piece in 4oz gaiwan + 3-4oz filtered h2o @ 200F


20sec wash = watery wash
the next 20,20,30 secs tasted watery + a very distant tannin/astringent in the back of the mouth, giving sort of a metallic mouthfeel.

got pissed at no flavor so dunked it for 2 minutes… hello? …nope, same ol’ watery stuff with more concentration of the astringency.

so…ok buddy, you think yore tuff? ehhh? HUH?
w h a t did you just say to me ?
right, nuthin. you best keep it zipped ore imma slap you like yo mama did…
and in it went for about 4min…coulda been 5 :P…= a more concentrated tannin/astringency now gives it a harsh feel in teh mouthes but after that…not much flavor of anything…

20sec                20sec               30sec               2min                 4min               end.
(had a dark, cloudy day, some pics are blurry, but color looks very close on my screen, hope yours too.)

Overall: i feel nothing. i have no feelings toward this piece of tree. leaf. bush. tea.


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