Yunnan Arbor Puerh Tea Cake 2005

April 26, 2008 at 3:46 pm | Posted in Pu-Erh, Sheng (raw green), Tea Reviews | Leave a comment cake sample $3.99. Sheng (raw,green) puerh, 2005. (no more on their website)

Dry leaf: looks like pieces & broken. Some full leaf which seem thick… mmmm…

Dry smell: green, very small ‘tobacco-ish’…

Method: ~2cm x 2cm x .5cm piece in 4oz @200F, filtered water.

#0 wash 20sec
#1 1min (oops, my bad) = strong sharp astringency of green vegetal plant/some twig.
#2 30sec = strong astringency same ‘sharp’ quality, vegetal, kinda feels remotely/memory trigger to me: mint plant
#3 30sec = the same, + the astringency/tannins coat the mouth and then –> minty after-taste feel !
there is a very very distant ‘aged’ feel.
none of tobaccoish that is still a little present in the wet leaf smell.
if left some minutes until drank, little particles settle on the bottom. Now the liquor tastes less astringent. If you reach the bottom and drink the liquor with particles the astringency/tannin is stronger.(tho this happens with most looseleaf teas).
Even if i’d remove the astringency/tannin strength got in the infusions(supposing i overinfused) there isn’t much flavor left around to taste on my tongue.

not sure if my first 1min might have burned for the subsequent infusions, but still have leaf left for more trys 🙂

Wet leaf: see the pic, its all the leaf i infused. but there’s alot of tiny bits and chopped up stuff. any pieces of leaf are large…but pieces. stems are thick(from the big leaf).
(warning: large picture:700 KB)

Overall: to me the main flavor is mild-low (it reminds me of gunpowder green tea), astringency is enough-high. minty aftertaste is ok. not bad for my first green pu 🙂 = i ain’t scared no mo’ … BRING IT ON !!!!


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