Morrocan Mint Green Tea .Honest Tea

March 6, 2008 at 6:34 am | Posted in Green Tea, Herbal Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

part of the drown my sorrow with three bottles of tea day.
iced tea with lemon .teany,
Morrocan Mint Green Tea .Honest Tea
green tea with ginseng .teany
see the level- thats how much i could drink from them.

smell: some lemon & … fruit? medication?… a smell i cant pinpoint, need a word, having lapse in memory.

no sugar (labeled 10g total),
no green tea
mint? what mint, oh yeah, hmmm. well there is some mint aftertaste after the bitterness goes.
this feels like they over brewed the mint and components too long until the plant taste started to give it this bitterness. also theres not enough mint in this. maybe other components are interacting and diminishing it.

update: i added sugar: nice and sweet now – much better – some minty flavor but not like fresh looseleaf tea (did they use enough mint ???). there isnt much nasty sugar aftertaste. some freshness from the mint in the aftertaste. pretty good now!!!

how much mint etc compared to some real fresh loose tea? somewhere around 1/2

i really dont get it. either these people dont know how to make something good (that i could like) or they’re trying to make something that will just sell.


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