iced tea with lemon .teany

March 6, 2008 at 6:34 am | Posted in Black Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

part of the drown my sorrow with three bottles of tea day.
iced tea with lemon .teany,
Morrocan Mint Green Tea .Honest Tea
green tea with ginseng .teany
see the level- thats how much i could drink from them.

label is simple, somewhat retarded looking. i coulda done better.

aroma: faint but : lemon + some black tea

taste: 3/4 lemony + 1/4 or less: black tea taste + faintness sweety in the aftertaste.

the frikin fudgepackin definition of american bottled tea= LEMON SUGAR WATER. and a label with natural organic f**** antioxidants that will keep away all of mankind’s diseases plus whatever your dog gave you when you kissed it(more like whatever you gave the dog- since the human mouth is the filthiest of all… except that big lizard thing) …SH** ….alright. i’m calm. shit. i was about to go off again.

again. why do i even try? curiosity? just hope. oh well. its just how i dont like it. u might.
obviously it dont goes on MYF*KN LIST OF TEAS *I* LIKE. (not narcissistic or self absorbed.)


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