Sencha Megami .Ito En

February 28, 2008 at 4:19 pm | Posted in Green Tea, just green tea, Sencha, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

ItoEn Flagship Store. $6/oz = 72/lb.

second ‘real’ sencha, 1st was Kawane.

dry leaf: low smell. leaf seems smaller cut than Kawane. picture is of the entire 1oz, it looks small but leaf has small volume and so occupies less space in threeDee thus not disturbing the time space continuum… right? right.

this one is a fukamushi cha: its deep-steamed (longer), loose leaf is finer, infusion is cloudy.

infusion: ~1.5min in 4oz @ 130F (they say 1tsp 6oz 176F, i’ll try that later)

liquor: dark green and cloudy (with lots of floating thingys.)

, green vegetal different than kawane, i like this one, has a little flavor similar to “egg” flavor (as in this oolong huang jin gui), cant say any astringency? …
2nd infusion has a sweet aftertaste.
3rd infusion watery.

overall: i like this one. seems similar experience to the Sencha from Zhong Guo Cha, but don’t remember that having sweet aftertaste.


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