Organic Black Currant bottled Black Tea .Harney and Sons

February 11, 2008 at 5:37 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Herbal Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Flavor: alot of “stuff” in this liquid: citrus front of mouth, straight down the tongue in the back some berry-like sort of bitter-sour, “foody”, licking the palate and tongue can feel a lingering sweetness from the added sugar (but there is almost no other sugar feel), cant really feel the honey as in their bottled Black Tea.

Alot of aftertaste around the mouth-palate: mostly a sort of sourness like after drinking black tea with sugar + the berry flavor, + a little more citrus leftovers… = unpleasant to me, feels like mouth is dirty. Only in the empty mouth, can i feel some vague distant reminders of some sort of black tea flavor.

i dont know what currant is, but i read its some kinda berry. anyway. this is some kinda black tea.

Overall: alot better composition and flavor than Snapple’s Acai thing (surprisingly i now read almost the same words in that review), but i dont like it, mostly due to aftertaste, and no tea flavor.

oh yeah, price like their other: 2.4$ (this time found at Au bon pain)


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