Japanese Green Tea (oi ocha) 2L bottle .Ito En

February 10, 2008 at 4:44 pm | Posted in Green Tea, just green tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | 4 Comments

This is your big boy, brother of its little sibling oiocha .5L
the most liters of clean bottled tea one can buy… in the WORLD !!!!

and its pretty good taste too !

Pkg: nice and symetric, contains just green tea and vitamin c (works to keep it good). very low level of bullshit on antioxidants etc.

Price: in my little supermarket … 6$ , sort of expensive, might be better priced elsewhere with more population, like Manhattan/Chinatown/Flushing.

Taste: green tea – the type which tastes roasted-toasty-pan-fried, astringency (medium-mild). Not quite as clear taste as a fresh looseleaf brew.

Compared to others, cant really say much difference: Pokka’s can of green tea seemed more defined, Tea’s Tea green (still ito en) seemed less astringent, Adagio’s Green seemed less defined, with a weird little tiny flavor in there.

Overall: the best bottled tea out there (in the USA, in a 2L pkg)

*no, ito en doesn’t pay me in moneys, stocks or free shit. i just like their product.  



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  1. I love this tea! Bring it on!


  2. I just became a great fan of oi ocha. I always buy the 2L bottle. It is 3,99 in Nijiya Japanses Market (google maps). There are some in LA, SF and San Diego.

  3. Jonas,
    If you find the Suntori Oolong bottle (.5 & 2L) it also tastes pretty good, but a different flavor, and less astringent/tannin.

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