Yorkshire Gold .Taylors of Harrogate

February 8, 2008 at 11:42 am | Posted in Black Tea, Breakfast, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

found at Myers of Keswick – Manhattan’s only British import store;
they also make some good pork pies 🙂
They have yer bunch of English teas such as Taylors, Typhoo, Twinings, PG Tips and more
(their tea list, call for availability).
I got the box of 80 tbags (13$ (good price)) .

Package: does not have any covers for the teabags; if most of the companies are doing this am i to assume the teas wont’t spoil ? (i doubt it, and i placed the bags in an airtight box).

Liquor: a very nice dark orange.

Method: 1tbag + 8oz 200F 2min.


added milk: wow, this is so very nice! i dont usually drink tea with anything, even the pg tips i drank it clean, but this tea works so well with the milk! – there is no more astringency, and the tea flavors are combined in a very pleasing milky way.

very nice, brisk?, complex mix of flavors unlinke most others that are rather monotonous in profile.
The astringency is here, alot, but its not as strong,deep and penetrating like ex: PG Tips. It works very well with the rest of the tea. Not bitter.
The flavors i cant really describe maybe say some caramely? black tea ? … in any case its just calling for MILK to be added to it – when i first drank it i thought ?huh? wheres the milk? i shall have to add some…

Overall: very good tbag. i see i buy, i lack i find.

My preference now stands at: Taj Mahal < PG Tips < Yorkshire Gold


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