Japanese Green Tea .Pokka

January 13, 2008 at 2:17 pm | Posted in Green Tea, just green tea, Tea Reviews | 2 Comments

1 can $1.5 incl tax, found somewhere on Broadway, at a Sushi restaurant.
label says made in Singapore for Pokka of Japan, under strictest control.

As i remember its better than the Green Tea.Pokka i tasted a while back.


Method: pay, open can, drink, take picture of can, give crazy look back to people looking weird at your for taking pictures of a can!

Taste: Green tea, good, nice flavor, maybe sencha, mildly fried sensation. Astringency-tannin present at low intensity, unlike ItoEn’s teas. Its better than i remember, and somewhat more pleasant than ItoEn’s green tea. (unless my tongue is not at its best today.). I do have to revisit ItoEn’s products, its been too long since last time. Good thing their store is close by, i should check it out.

There are no weird tasting flavors, no cruddy bag tea astringency or vitamin C or anything unpleasant.

Aftertaste: low.

Again: Yes. and it goes on my list.



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  1. do drinking too much pokka green tea lead to any illness ?

  2. no dear
    unless you drink excessively massive amounts, probably more than 5 liters a day

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