China Keemun Tea .Twinings

January 11, 2008 at 1:37 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Keemun, Tea Reviews | 1 Comment

Methodical: 1tbag + 8oz @ 200F x 3-4min

Taste: maybe low keemun, smoky, some woodyness, and more astringency than flavor. Astringency doesnt quit, keeps going and going. Dryness, dusty on tongue/throat. I like to say that it reminds me when i was in middleschool, and used to chew on the No.2 pencil, which had a sortof crusty glaze on the wood – thats how this tea tastes to me – like chewing a No.2 pencil.
Ofcourse, astringency is the main “flavor” here, these, above, are detected while trying to ignore the astringency.

Again? No.

The black Yunnan tea from Royal King Brand (while not keemun, tho i dont know for sure it is yunnan and not some sort of blend)- has better flavor, so if RKB made keemun i’d like to try that.


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