Pi Lo Chun .Adagio Teas

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Adagio Teas 17$/8oz , $27/lb … thats pretty cheap

leaf: see some snails, but the leaf doesnt look very good, kind of beat up, see some ‘hairs’, also some fine dust either pollen or broken ‘hairs’. Along this… one can also find… seeds(1st pic center and a little low right)…?! and something that looks like clumps of pollen(2nd pic) (or maybe its the clumps of broken ‘hairs’) not that i care about the former, but the later – seeds…?! ahem… never seen that before.

@ 120F x 2-3min theres pretty strong green astringency-tannin back sides of mouth + tartness.
@ less than 100? F + 3 min or longer –> BLC flavor (green) + some ‘fruity’ somewhere around apricot skin (as i would imagine that would be like) but… a little tangy astringent-tanninic).
@ room temp water x ~10min –>better, more fruity bi-lo-chunnish, less tarty, & flavor held good for at least 3 more infusions. here the liquor: light green.

taste: Compared to Wing Hop Fung’s BLC Adagio’s seems not very defined in taste, more astringent-tanninic+tartness, and seems more sensitive to “high” temperatures.

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^ LEFT: Adagio (gaiwan) …..^RIGHT: WHF (in my*sniff* broken cup)

wet leaf: after about 3 times, the leaf almost unfurled completely you can see many leafs are cut, there is alot of little bits that escape if using the gaiwan, and also found some of the seeds.

overall: …uhh…the taste dont like too much, the dubious quality (leaf, seed,cuts,tannin) kind of deterring me from buying again.


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