Spearmint .Adagio Teas

January 2, 2008 at 8:40 pm | Posted in Herbal Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Adagio Teas 9$/8oz = $19/lb … cheap, but its not tea.

the wife likes mint ‘tea’ so along with some real bottled tea, i got some samples of some minty leaves.

smell is really intense, i briefly hallucinated i was chewing the gum…

techniq: 6min + 9oz @ 180F + ~1 flat tablespoon?

liquor: smells intense, looks dark?too long infusion/too hot/but herbals are not supposed to go bad like tea so we’ll see:

taste: mild spearminty flavor, hot, its not that appealing like the smell is… but no bitterness or strange overcooked ‘tea’ flavors, so it worked ok.
added sugar, this helped alot, it brought in the flavors to the tongue, and so it tasted really nice strong spearminty, might have felt some little spicyness in there!

on subsequent re-infusions water was eyemeasured in volume as 1/3 room temp + 2/3  ‘180F’, 4 minutes, 5, 7min –> liquor was alot lighter, and taste remained pretty much the same, maybe less dense as the first infusion (which next time i’ll clock in at 3 min  not 6…)

overall: good. would definitely stock (maybe check if alternatives exist, but this one i like).


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