Adagio Teas

December 28, 2007 at 4:01 pm | Posted in Tea Stores | Leave a comment

I cant buy the plain tea bottles at stores in my enchanted forest so i thought to give them a try from online.

Nice website, no issues. Was emailed when delivery sent,
they have a very nice shipment tracking page 🙂

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^ some data blanked out, for any potential stalkers. take that. unless you’re blonde 96-46-26 <– call me looking for a platonic relationship based on occasional emails that my wife will read.

Packing was ok, just that the small aluminium containers of tea leaf are not well sealed at all, and the mint one stunk up the whole box, and i think it polluted some of the others :\ — yes it poluted the 1st layer of the pilochun in one of the containers next to it… not good 😦 … see, this in contrast to other stores which use just plastic bags, WHAT IS THE POINT OF THE FANCY CONTAINERS & PACKING/LABELS WHEN THEY SPOIL TEA????

if wanna be fancy, at least use vacuum or just plain heat-sealed plastic bags that don’t let air in/out.

Their dubiously named teas such as mambo, golden monkey, something melody, harmony…concerto… darjeeling #1,2,44 … wtf?!… seems that normal naming would have confused the average customer… but this inhibited me from inflating the order, so i got something they probably have greater turnover: yes, you guessed it: herbal tea (u can see the little boxes in the pic) – ooo, i got a bilochun from them, forgot!, i should try that …

Overall: good store for American(which i am one) demands of tea & beginner to loose leaf teas.

last point: What adagio has going on -which i think is of great value- is the many ways its enabling people to come together in a tea community, experience & talk about teas: Teachat forums, the live Teachat …chat, Teacritic blog thing, Teamap, and Teamuse, …and more !

> Click to find our tea reviews for Adagio Teas <<


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