The Cupwan

December 12, 2007 at 10:28 pm | Posted in Gaiwan, Tea tools, accessories | Leave a comment

this program is in part supported by one man’s lazyness.

i am really lazy. i cant for the life in me brew little amounts of tea at a time – for when i’m DRINKING tea, not tasting tea (i reserve special tea-love time for tasting)

tools you’ll need.

2 cups sized for your hearts desire + 1 lid forming element.
1 cup will be used to infuse and will be covered with the ‘lid’
as in the gaiwan, the lid will be used to separate the tea from the liquor
the other cup will be the recipient of the strained infused liquor

^click for the story picture
for this demonstration i am using white plastic 10oz Dixiecups (got the 10000 pack from Costco) and,
since i already have a gaiwan i will borrow its lid and use it.

get ye tea leaf, and measure with ye olden dispenser, throw in some water, cover with lid, wait…
…wait… when time is right  pour the liquid (assuming you already posses gaiwan technique/otherwise = hold the lid with your hand and turn cup horizontally, and then your liquids will pour into the empty cup…hope that lid wont slip out jump on the counter or the floor and break, or leaf wont flop out into the empty cup and mess your shit up so now you have to get a strainer and redo the thing over… oh yeah, i got all my gaiwan bases covered, except nothing broke so far.)

I am available for lectures and demonstrations on the subject of Cupwans,
For bookings please contact my agent….after i find one.
or…you can just copy this webpage…
it is copyrighted you know
yes, by me..
i think




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