Pureleaf Black Tea with Lemon .Lipton

November 30, 2007 at 7:28 am | Posted in Black Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | 2 Comments

supermarket (well, you know, where all the great quality all natural antioxidant fresh organic teas are found)

aye had nothing to drink, thought to lick on something new,

^click for big picture

supposedly contains fresh brewed/as opposed to stale brewed black tea (originating from south america- everyone knows southamerica is where the good black tea is made)…heres the lipton (i like them, they really try to stock every goddamn supermarket with their brand, hey ITOEN WTF ARE YOUR PEOPLE WAITING FOR???)

flavor: the citrus/lemon sensation around mouth dominates, sweetness, astringency, some tea flavor but low- still tasteable tho. some cruddy aftertaste from the sugar. the diet version has splenda if you care to know.

compared to Tazo’s Black Tea Lemonade, Lipton’s has little more black tea flavor, and less pronounced citrus.
compared to Snapple’s black tea (the earl grey), Lipton’s has little more black tea flavor, but its a small difference.

i must say, it didn’t hit like swallowing a porcupine- doesnt have such a horrible citrus /lemon spike in the tongue as i expected. overall the taste is mellow, it didnt turn out so bad. not bad mr vaseline. im still not going to put you on my list 🙂 until you come out with a no sugar no splenda/other sweetener tea.

Update: there is an unsweetened version, and i didnt quite like it… to put it nicely : PureLeaf Iced Tea Unsweetened .Lipton



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  1. PureLeaf comes in Black Tea Unsweetened… it’s really good for a pre-bottled tea. The best that I’ve tasted so far. If they don’t have this “flavor” in your neck of the woods, yiou may want to ask them to order it.

  2. are you sure its no “sugars” at all, i once noticed something but it had substitute – splenda or whatever.
    well, good to know, i had given up on Lipton’s bottles since i only saw +”sugar”… Thanks, i’ll try to find some.

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