Tea Lemonade with Black Tea .Tazo

November 25, 2007 at 7:56 am | Posted in Black Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

^click for big picture

all natural… ok? …alright?…but…
..i dont see… wheres the ECGC …?
……. i dont see ECGC ON THE LABEL !!! OH MY GOD WHAT HAS COME OF THE WORLD MAKING LABELS WITHOUT ECGC… yeah you know you’ll get fired.

after sticking tongue down many similar ‘tea’ drinks you know what to expect

1: lemon taste up the wazoo, citrusy all over the mouth, i admit it does taste a little better of a lemonade, maybe because its “NOT FROM CONCENTRATE”
2: it has sugar 20g/8oz so its a sweet lemonade
3: there’s Waldo?… uhhh… i mean somewhere in the citrusy depths of the liquid one can find with difficulty the taste remains of tea. more like can feel some faded tea flavor after the liquid is swallowed. swishing it around in the mouth i cant really feel anything tea-like due to the strong citrus experience.

buy again: i didnt want to buyit the first time, so i stole it from a little child who cried afterwards from not getting the daily dose of natural organic antioxidants that will counter the effects of the 2 slices of pizza 1 hamburger and 2fists of re-used oil deep fried fries, …and the 3 donuts at breakfast (no. thats not a metaphor of what i had to eat, i ate all natural organic fair trade broccoli, picked by low paid dirty&diseased illegal border-crossing spanish-speaking residents-of-Mexico. oh well, it wasnt that healthy, topped some with cheese, melted, just to make sure the antioxidants have work to do.)


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