What food/snacks to eat/pair/match with Tea ?

November 19, 2007 at 9:56 am | Posted in Tea and Health | Leave a comment

considering that i drink more tea than wine, i thought i’d substitute wine for matching/pairing with foods/snacks… yeah, my alcoholic days are over *sniff* …so sad…. and i was this close (.) to liver failure… ah well… maybe next time.

As always, trying to combat my inevitable slip into dementia, i’ll compile/randomly jot what foods and snacks i try to match with which teas. *note to self* your wife is the brunette one, the blonde is the maid, stop making passes at her, shame on you.

black tea (yunnan, assams,keemuns)–> anything sweet 😀 … cookies, donuts, …mmmm… snickers, m&ms
green –> … bread?
green flowery (jasmine) –> straight up (or is it straight down)
oolongs-green (flowery) –> nothing yet, cant mix the flowery with foods in my mouth.
oolong-green (nonflowery) –>
oolongs-dark –> i dont know, i dont frequent these
pu’er –> sweets, pizza 🙂

cheese, must need to match cheese with a tea, i have some nice 3 year aged vermont cheddar brick, oh and a nice expensive french import from costco (most expensive cheese i got … check price next time).


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