Jagertee .diy home made tea alcohol mix recipe

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Jagertee definition: “black tea” + rum (it might be some mix of black teas, likely assam?), also maybe its supposed to have sugar in it, as most mixes of tea do….ok…here goes

UPDATE: 2nd try 🙂

Yorkshire Gold 2 teabags + 5-6oz water @ boil x 3-4 minutes, remove tbags, squeeze tbags a little. waited to cool (not long enough, and you can see on the glass some of the condensation)

Rum [Malibu Carribean Rum Coconut Flavor]
1 tablespoon (eye’d…)
Sugar (the rum is sweet, but i added 1 tablespoon sugar for my taste).

Taste: much better: malty, black tea taste similar to the original component tea, some of the nuances are covered/mixed with the alcohol & sugar. The “briskness”/astringency of the tea can be felt in everydrink, but its less strong than the tea without alcohol&sugar. At the end can feel the alcohol “burning” the buccal mucosa (mouth). the coconut flavor i forgot to notice it, heh, there’s another reason to re-try this again… and as you notice it was daylight…. this is not my usual routine – alcohol in the morning – but i had to wake myself up with somethin! right? right?

Overall: tea taste was present and very apparent, alcohol blended very well in this “recipe”. None of the flavors seemed to dominate the other- are able to enjoy a variety of tastebud tinglings, so i think it turned out good.

*PS: alcohol is bad, damages liver, stomach linings, direct toxic effect on some cells, hepatitis, cirrhosis, pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer, etc etc. Alcohol+ smoking a major cause of esophageal cancer, pancreatic cancer and more. I don’t like mind altering substances, i enjoy reality as it is… Oh, you’re wondering why i had the rum… Shit. you got me….Oh wait, i know, its for educational purposes only. not that it means give it to students, students should not drink in class.

~~~~~~~~~~~ 1st try:

yunnan black [Yunnan Pure Small Bud Black Tea Gold Tips .YS] (i dont have any assam right now)
(infused a tad longer to give it some astringency)
quantity: ~ 1/4 of 4oz gaiwan (so thats 1oz ?)

rum [Malibu Carribean Rum Coconut Flavor]
quantity: i’d say ~1 teaspoon.. maybe it was too much.

result–> surprisingly most of the tea taste is gone… i dont think i sense any astringency…!… i dont know… tastes alcoholic somewhat watery… tea? what tea?
ok i think i might have had too much alcohol to tea ratio… i just dont like to spoil 4oz of good tea… ah.

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