Enviga Sparkling Green Tea .Nestea

November 11, 2007 at 7:54 am | Posted in Green Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

i didnt buy those japanese tea sodas when i had the chance… why did i buy this? ? i dunno, curiosity.

calorie burner, just what i need to melt the lard on my humps, my humps

found at Target, priced <2$ but >1$

Your Image Thumbnail Your Image Thumbnail Your Image Thumbnail
didnt feel like editing the picture so here it is unprocessed.
on one side the can babbles about some eggcgn and probably
natural and organic and calorie burning or some shit, i didnt read it.

TinyPic image
liquor photo is darker, and more orange than reality, but u can see the murkiness probably due to the millions of nano-bots that will be doing the calorie burning work on your ass.

lots of soda bubbles
-> front tongue: lemonade-y
–> back: lemonade, some weird sugar taste, some remote astringency (oh yeah!!! thats it right? the astringency !!!! its the green tea ***CONCENTRATE*** !!! i dont know ! because it doesnt taste like tea at all, but damn, that must be the green tea !!! the green tea!! OH MY GOSH THE FAT IS MELTING RIGHT OFF MY ASS ! I CAN SEE IT FLOWING !!! WHOLY CRAP !!! WHY GET LIPOSUCTION !!! DRINK GREEN TEA !!! WHY EXERCISE ?!?! CHUG 5 of these babies for brkfst lunchanddinner and you’ll have your own commercial just like that subway guy !!! (actually i just had the king size Double Whopper at Burgerking, with onion rings and a medium milkshake, and after drinking 5 of these calorie burners my cholesterol dropped 100 points, to 1500 !!! (nah, im just kidding, … about the cholesterol points ofcourse.
—> swishing around feels remotely like redbull but a more ‘mild’ taste with a lemon lemonade feel
—-> aftertaste: can feel the shitty leftovers of fake sugar (and there it is, on the label, asspartame)… WHY???? oh , its a low calorie drink, …now i get it.

did this give me any energy? yeah !!! it pissed me off so much i started babeling like a lunatic for a minute in that previous passage. seriously? no energy, maybe for a minute ‘cos i was excited to drink something new.

Nestea … or … Nasty? (imho my tongue picks #2) … at least it doesnt taste like pee.


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