Organic Wuyi oolong (Qilan).Rishi Tea

November 4, 2007 at 12:05 am | Posted in Dark oolong, Oolong Tea, Tea Reviews | 2 Comments

had this at whole foods market, as always didnt take pic of tea leaf, so heres some area pics instead of Columbus Circle’s Time Warner Center,

cup 12oz $1.6

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it was called “organic” …pass on that, and “wuyi oolong” …nice and…generic name,
for which reason i almost didnt buy- due to my previous experience with a wuyi (shui xian) oolong,
but it turned out alot different…

a deep smooth/silky/satin feeling, with a flavor i cant describe, pretty long lasting silky aftertaste
the astringency (not much) had notes of chocolate,
there was some minor roasted flavor,
didnt taste any green feels.

the leaf was about 1 cm cuts, mostly dark green mixed with brown

very good i liked it alot.

got home and internet-vestigated
i think its from rishi tea because ipot (the other sold in WF) doesnt have wuyi oolongs

Rishi says this “organic wuyi oolong” is the Qi Lan WuYi Oolong

Babelcarp says: qilan = Wuyi oolong, literally Rare Orchid (奇兰 or 奇蘭)

online rishi doesnt sell too expensive 4$/oz, 22/.5LB
…cant find anyone else selling this except rishi … !!!



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  1. If it’s authentic Wuyi Oolong tea, then $4.00/oz. is almost free! So now you have to question whether it’s actually authentic. Authentic Wuyi teas are VERY expensive and come from one place and only one place… that’s the Wuyi Mountains in China.

    I’ve see Wuyi teas for sale at low prices… impossibly low prices (like $4.00/oz.) and upon closer inspection, I’d discover that it wasn’t even grown in china!

    Buyer beware… always know about what you’re purchasing, and if it’s priced oddly then chances are that you’re not buying what you think you’re buying.

  2. Another factor affecting the price of the tea would be the “flush”.
    First “flush” (the first picking of the first harvest) is the most expensive, and highest quality Wuyi Oolong. Throughout the year there are more harvests which demand lower premiums since their quality is also lower.

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