Tavalon Tea Bar, New York

October 28, 2007 at 6:36 pm | Posted in Tea Bars/Cafes/Teahouses, Tea Stores | 2 Comments

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So … they are a tea bar. Nice white walls by now are rather dingy and dirty looking. Got a feeling of kitchen… laboratory… (maybe from the test tubes laying around with tea leaf in them,, for sale yes).
DJ booth for the hip people that frequent the place, and some late nite raves? and a sidewall with some white-top transparent plastic jars with loose tea in them (which i wouldnt buy) the other wall of this elongated facility is a large mirror (purposed i suppose to maximize the feeling of space)…Didnt really like the setup, i dunno, somewhat not very pleasing to my deranged psyche.

and some LCD/plasmas displaying the menu – which for what purpose they are on TV i dont know… the menu was static… maybe when the DJ starts to scratch and stuff the TVs have a purpose then? oh and the speakers they had sonically sucked with some music they were playing when i was there.

They seem to have alot of business, most people buying the bobo?..booby? “tea”…anyway,

Service: While there were ~1 people in front of me, i waited about 5 minutes for a small cup of tea… maybe it was just that day.

they have a website tavalon.com where you can enjoy spending your money for their tea. have fun!

some “tea reviews” for tea produced at this establishment > CLICKER <

Overall: not bad for plain loose tea. but slightly overpriced.



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  1. Strange. I kindda have a totally opposite experience of yours. I went last weekend. Though there was a line, I did not feel I waited for too long. Especially because they had a really nice DJ that day, great taste of music, I really enjoyed my time standing there actually. Their tea was also amazing, definitely worth the waiting. I ordered their “Genius” and my friend got a bobble tea. She said it was the best bobble she’s ever had in town. As for the sniffing tube, I thought it was Really COOL…… Kinnda remind me of some boutique night clubs. Sleek, and trendy. I dunno, if you like modern style, I bet you would love the atmosphere here.

  2. I’m all into modern style,
    but the feel did not mix with me.
    there was no warmth coming forth
    but from the hot tea for which i waited 5 minutes
    i don’t like trends, i’m not into the 90% is buying it let me get some
    i’m into: if its good and i like it, then i’ll buy some.

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