Taiwan Gao Shan (High Mountain) Oolong * Formosa Wulong .Yunnan Sourcing LLC

October 26, 2007 at 6:53 am | Posted in Green oolong, Oolong Tea, Tea Reviews | 2 Comments

Yunnan Sourcing LLC
$21/250g (8.8oz) = 2.36/oz = 37. /lb +s&h
this is a high mountain (gao shan) oolong
“nutty taste that comes through heavier roasting” — i dont know how roasted this is but doesnt taste roasted.

^ not the best pics, sorry.
opened package a nice flowery smell came out.

nuggets look good and fresh.

left liquor overnight, in the morning: liquor cold but somehow the taste seems to be intensified ! very flowery-perfumy!
i have another cup which was infusing overnight, lets see how that turns out!

in a plastic 10oz cup: filled the bottom with layer of nuggets (2inch diameter) thats probably about 2-3 of the ‘tbsp dispenser’ i have, water: ~1 oz of room temp + 8 oz 200F x ~3min, came out very nice, no astrincency.

flavor: buttery+flowery-pungent. i’ve had this type of flavor before from wing hop fung teas (here: High Mountain oolong .WHF), but this tea seems stronger, id say more like perfume. at one point i pulled an infusion the strength of flavor which i’d say is the highest pungency i’ve had so far. (it was not perfect, had some astringency present, but the main flavor was very strong).

it went like that for 3x = 27oz = 798ml,
#4 infusion is more faded taste, more greenish-metallic-apricot sensation, almost no astringency again. infusions are done for longer time each time, but i didnt keep track exactly.
id say aftertaste is long, not very much so.

many steeps later, i say: alot better quality than what ive had before.

wet leaf looks good, whole leaves, very minor signs of oxidation.




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  1. Have you tried Tea valize’s Oolong Tea, it’s been getting some good press lately. A review would be nice to see

    asian – tea. info/ tag/ tea valize/

  2. no. and wont.
    looks like a gimmick, diet crap bull*hit…

    -insert_celebrity_name- can choke on it.

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