Huang Jin Gui of Anxi * Fujian Oolong Tea .Yunnan Sourcing LLC

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Yunnan Sourcing LLC
$17/250g = 30$/lb
This is the spring picking.
“Huang Jin Gui (Golden Turtle) is another varietal of Anxi Oolong tea. Lacking the slight sour-bitterness of Tie Guan Yin, it is characterized by a smooth sweet flavor with a rich slightly nutty after-taste. This is the earliest tea to be produced in the spring-time.”

Opened the package a uniform intensly green little oolong nugget bunch stared at me. So i stared back. And stared. Yes for some reason i stared.
The oolong nuggets are small ~.5cm, uniform size, look like tightly packed during processing; not much smell.

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Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

updatetastes better when less than warm, can taste more types of flavors.

~~try 2~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1tbsp blk scoop …~ 50C (warm water) , 3-4min: try 1 sensation.

re-infusion of above with … ~ 75C? 5min : midline tongue green sensation and mild astringent on rest of mouth, the egg-foody sensation almost disappeared, somewhat mild flowery (when start breathing thru nose).
interresting. probaly too hot/long infusion due to astringency but i liked it.

continued reinfusion#3 ~50C, 3-4min: nice, maybe flowery, maybe less astringent, but what stood out is an awesome sweet aftertaste (when you swallow) (not like sugar in your mouth, less penetrating-weird feeling than a ginseng-oolong -which i dislike anyway).

#4 ~40C or less? 3 min –> wow, nicely flowery! at good strength, like another door opened and flowery flavor came out!

this is turning out into a very pleasing experience, a great tea.

did >6 (4oz ea) infusions, forget exact number but the tea lasted long time and color did too.

~~try 1~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1’tbsp’ blk scoop – 190F – 2-3min

Smell: i want to say ‘foody’…eggs.

Taste: medium intensity but its evasive. liquor dense. green flavor. maybe egg-like still feel like. nutty-towards buttery – i want to say sour but not the intense one – makes mouth pucker? is that the word?… that sour-like feel of real butter. that same feel remains as aftertaste., maybe some sweetness after last liquid goes down. mouth puckering…

interesting. not very nutty or flowery as i’d expect from an oolong, but i’ll play with it see what happens.



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