Phoenix Oolong (Dan Cong) Yu Lan Xiang Cha .Zhong Guo Cha

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Zhong Guo Cha
O-8-3-3 Phoenix Oolong (Dan Cong Yu Lan Xiang Cha) (Chao Zhou Oolong)
$6.25/50g = $3.55/oz = 56.8/lb
Winter plucked Oolong
“offers Guang Dong Oolong taste and pleasure” <– i have no idea what that means.

real nice looking leaf. (in the dancong family like the really good Mi Lan Xiang @ZGC)

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Method: very good with: about 1/2 roomtemp water + 1/2 194F = 144F in cup = almost perfect balance,
not sure exact quantity i put in pot… but self-note on the temp config.must be careful with temps, as 190 seems to burn the leaf a bit too much, or pulls out more astringency.

Taste: flowery citrusy? + melon?fruity complex flavor in a nice mini-astringency package, very wonderful,
pretty similar to phoenix oolong. touch of sweetness feeling in taste.

Overall: ah so fabulous! definite re-stock as with the DC mi lan xiang.


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