My local USPS Post office employees are lazy and [silly-(illy)]+(tupid) motherlovers

October 1, 2007 at 10:55 am | Posted in XYZ not T review | Leave a comment

1. they deliver 1 of 7 , 50lb packages (each insured to 500$, and tracking#’ed)

2. they update tracking# on a pkg saying on the day i received their unwanted spam trash mail, they aparently ‘ATTEMPTED’ to deliver package (2 of 7)… i was home and i specifically asked the stupid lazy postman ‘DO . YOU. HAVE. ANY PACKAGES FOR ME. I GOT LIKE 6 of THEM.?” he says “uh, no, i just started, today my first day coming here” and later in the day i find their website saying that bullshit of attempted bullshit.

3. they dont update tracking#s 3-7

4. i suspect they’re too lazy to move them so i rent a motherf* car, and drive there in the motherf* rain, between 2 post offices they miraculously ‘find my packages’. which then after 2 hours, i proceed to take 1 by 1 , myself, a delivery which i had paid for, to the stupid rented car.

later in the year,

6. order tea from china, regular mail. 2 months pass…not here. i call postoffice, nooo nothing for my address.

7. i order tea from china again, this time with tracking#, 10 days later… guess what…

Notice Left, September 27, 2007, 2:55 pm, XXXX, NY XXXX


i sign the redelivery slip, and give it to the mail lady who says they’ll redeliver it monday.

monday comes, day’s spam mail comes, but no package!

i call the postoffice and 10 minutes later they discover the package (aparently signing the fukin redelivery slip didnt do shit), and i get the “will there be someone there tomorrow to accept the package?” …

guess what you incompetent lazy shits

youre not getting my packages anymore. (except the ones from china, with tracking).

i got ALL ~ 30 packages UPS/FEDEX no problems. 3/4 USPS packages end up sitting in your gdamn offices.

screw you USPS and you stupid lazy employees. the is coming for you (yeah right).


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