testing zoundry desktop bloggin

September 25, 2007 at 8:43 am | Posted in XYZ not T review | Leave a comment

YES MAJOR PROBLEM. as you can see very well messed up… :((

this is zoundry desktop blogger for wordpress free enter blog address, login, passw and it configures automatically gets categories, and downloads previous posts!

  1. interface is kind of clunky, lots of buttons

create link to previous posts>>Green Mountain Ti Kuan Yin .Atlantic Trading didn’t find anything to work with imageshack.

  • images must be uploaded to blog. bullets work

indent works

alternative is to post the imageshack HTML like before. i think it keeps the same wordpress font (other softwares used arial) it displays post properly with images, but not in the way you view it posted on the blog (where the post column is less wide than the screen) , its viewed as wide as the screen window is. theres a WYSIWYG editor and a HTML editor as well just like online. :edit: lets see how it does with re-edit old post… seems to work __ the powered by footer is selectable___

^^after re-edited online the post is seen messed up here offline

problem problem???

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