Se Zhong Cha (Fu Jian China Tea) .Zhong Guo Cha

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Zhong Guo Cha O-9-3-1 Se Zhong Cha (Fu Jian China Tea)
$4.50/50g = $2.55/oz = 40.8/lb
yes im a cheap bastard, lets see if its any good 🙂

now. i didnt know what i was brewing, how much it cost,
after i did it, i am just like so amazed, its like omg! i totally dig this tea!
anyway… on to the serious stuff.

opened the bag, leaf nuggets look good. ok

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
liquor pic: you can see the debris, last pic is on a letter size paper.

1scoop battles warm waters for long time:
#1 4oz ~180?F x 3 min : smell: floral/orchid. flavor: nice and strong orchid/floral soooo like this very much
#2 4oz ~190F x 3 min: mmmmm… same
#3 4oz ~200F x 3 min: mm… losing orchidness… could say ~ 1/2
#4 4oz room temp water x ~15min : still going,
#5 4oz room temp water x ~20min or more: still orchidy! oh so nice, still have flavor on the tongue after many minutes…

only bugger is little dust/bits/particles that settle in the cup. to avoid them just wait till theyre all down, and slowly tilt the gaiwan into the drinking hole.

please observe the *NO ASTRINGENCY* sign. yes.

hazy tea memory from 1 year ago…. had this flavor before, liked it… wonder if it was a winghopfung or a tenren…

think this had pretty good Qi also (feel kinda warm inside, a little agitated) (but maybe the liquid was still warm enough to spark the heat releasing mechanism in the skin), will need to retry on a another day, to make sure.

im sleepy.

i think i like this one.


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