Advantages and disadvantages of drinking tea (green, wulong, oolong, black etc) … why drink tea ?

September 19, 2007 at 11:22 pm | Posted in Tea and Health | 42 Comments


1. huge number of flavors to experience (and they all come from the same leaf!…well…kinda)
——– vegetal, grass, floral, orchid
——– sweet, salty, bitter
——– wood, bark, earthy, nutty, and more…
——– astringent (due to some of the tannins/flavonoids/polyphenols)
2. some mind stimulating effects
——– caffeine (lower concentration than coffee, not easily removed, caffeine in tea myths)
——theanine (may have a calming effect)
3. has some disputed health benefits (what benefits?)(weightloss)(my observed effects)
4. can be a calming routine in preparing tea
5. fulfills a need to find new things
6. can enjoy the collector’s bug (yixing teapots, gaiwans, tea itself)(example 1)


1. can be expensive
2. full of
advertising bullshit, and lies (hard to find quality tea)
3. possible toxic chemicals in tea: colorants, glue, flavor enhancers, fungus(mold),
pesticides, whatever chemicals sucked from the ground it grew from. (organic tea)
4. can interfere with medication

——– blood thinners/vitamin k
——chelates(binds) iron – prevents some of the iron from being absorbed in the gut
end up with alot of crap you dont use
you pee alot (the methylxanthines(caffeine) have some diuretic effect, but you will not dehydrate by drinking tea), stain teeth (my observed effects)

don’t forget to mix all that with some placebo, unreliable studies and vendor biased claims; end up with fuzzified information that make tea more than what it really is… a tasty enjoyable beverage.



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  1. i drink green tea when i get the chance because its tasty, and boosts your metabolism! β™₯

  2. i drank too much tea AND became pregnant so dont drink tea what ever you do

  3. i dont believe driking tea could get you pregnantthats just a bunch of bull

  4. πŸ˜€

  5. its good!

  6. I don’t think green tea contains sperm!

  7. there we go, logical thought prevails!

  8. other then staining your teeth which <a href=”wulong tea is suppose to not do, your disadvantages seem broad which anything could do. Most drinks can do that.

  9. well i havent read any dental school books or read any teeth staining statistics but my teeth were noticeably(by my dentist) stained in 6 months after drinking a mix of black and oolong.
    I agree that probably green oolongs/green tea would have less stain power on enamel than black tea.

    other disadvantages i havent properly investigated.

    if you have anything specific to add please do….still waiting for your insight.

  10. wutea? teawu?
    are you finding anything good to add here?
    a link to a website?
    a link to your website?
    …something ?

    …the suspense is stressful !

  11. Well if drinking tea can make some one pregnant then wat are men doing in this world ! Well zara really have to reconsider that how she got pregnant

  12. staying alert>not wasting time>making lots of money!!!

  13. well, you’ll need all that money when you get an ulcer, heart attack or stroke, so put it to good use now to prevent disease and stay healthy, eat fruits and exercise,
    mr type A personality.

  14. I don’t think Larenzo got pregnant from drinking tea. I think Larenzo meant that it didn’t prevent her from getting pregnant. But anyway, I support the fact that it’s better to stay alert and stay healthy and make smart choices.

  15. we LOVE green tea like crazy. it makes us hyper damn much! and it doesn’t make us pregnant! haha. duh~ instead, we are slimmer by drinking green tea only! ;D GO GREEN TEA!!

  16. LOL this is the most non professional shit i ever heard

  17. gee, mr. lol, you must be a visiting this site using some text-to-speech browser because i didnt set it up to talk to visitors…
    if my blawg treated youz unprowfessionally, shit, i will apply to have my professional license revoked by the state of WPBA (Www Professional Bloggers Association).
    …. :rolleyes:backwards:until:i:pass:out: >smileyfrownjesusfishWINK<
    please come again.

  18. You forgot all of the health benefits!

  19. UHM !! YEAH !!!! OK !!!!!!!

  20. i have no idea what s the benefits of tea drinkin but i surely know that it has many disadvantages….thankyou

  21. and i have no idea why am i tryin to give a presentation in this topic i m totally blank….

  22. lolololoololololololol i love tee

  23. I think its good for refreshment, in the morning when we guys r bored especially in winters we don’t want to get up from our warm bed only tea is the way to boost up our energy….and even drinking it before going to park….its awesome according to me

  24. tea preavent body to suck iron from the food if you drink tea after food

  25. tea doesnt have sperm… lol πŸ˜€

  26. i drink so much tea not green.. is it harmful.:D

  27. too much of anything is not healthy…
    + , depends what you mean by “tea” :
    +milk? +sugar&spices?, really hot tea?

  28. been drinking herbal tea for three years …have yet to find any downfalls yet…

  29. Its better than to drink alchohol..atleast u remain in senses..hahahaha

  30. We Drink Green Alcohol and Green Tea.. HA HA .. Hu Hu

  31. tea is a good thing

  32. I love green tea..
    Now im drinking tea and typing comment about tea..
    And and .. And what nothing..

  33. I don’t know how to proof real good tea in the market?
    Any testing method or have to gone throug laboratory?
    But must be expensive, rights?

  34. Hmm, I drink tea everyday like most people drink water. Actually, I don’t know whether it is good for health or not, but it is my habit from my parents since I was young. However, I just noticed that it does not give us any disadvantages. So I rather drink tea than coffee.

  35. you people are making joke of it
    well i drink alot of green tea but still i have not felt any advantage or disadvantage.
    can any one tell me its adv and disadv?

  36. Oh no!! Now that you mentioned it, it really did a little staining effect on my teeth. I have not realized since I visit this site. It is true, I brush my teeth regularly but still not in bright white unlike those of not tea drinkers.. But what will I do, I love tea so much!!!???

  37. i hate tea

  38. after hearin..alll this i wanna start drinkin tea…………….but i am worried about my TEETH!!!!

  39. spiderman drinks a lot of tea

  40. excess of anything is not good

  41. i like tea because it’s can help me when i feel sleepy….!!!:D

  42. thank you for the good info, i will never drink green tea again 😦
    green tea sucks (^^^) (^^^)

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