Tea bag wulong-oolong tea taste-off: TenRen vs. Yamamotoyama

September 9, 2007 at 11:16 am | Posted in Dark oolong, Oolong Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

OOT teabag ‘extravaganza’

PARAMETRICS: 4min -> 7oz ^ 200F

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TenRen topright: smell toasty taste: watery, already minor astringency

YMY topleft: watery, mild-med astringency, greenish

TR btmright: no smell, taste:watery oolong-ish, astringent cant tell anymore.

YMY btmleft: smell minor black?#?# …taste: watery black-ish!??? wtf… some spice thing going on?!?! wtf

…ish… weird stuff…

no caffeine effect on brain, still cloudy (not enough sleep)
feel the warmth of the hot liquid, now its making me sweat.


wtf … watery and astringency, the tea bag curse.
hmmm… ill try 1bag 4min 4oz 200F but… “I’m afraid of Astringency” (the David Bowie song)

after cooled down to room temp, the teas taste pretty bland with a cruddy background bagged green tea taste.
but standing out are the TenRen tung ting and the TR tgy (top R, botm L)

disappointed by the yamamotoyamas, was rooting for them, oh well.


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