Ito En tea and Dr W-e-i-l

August 30, 2007 at 2:38 pm | Posted in Tea and Health, XYZ not T review | Leave a comment

ito en, what can i say… im kind of disappointed, but hey…marketing, money, they want to sell their product

but Dr Andrew W … i mean…maybe you want to help people, thats nice, but being a media whore, selling pots and pans!, vitamins, hemp oils, and now tea. Thats pretty sad, …doctor.

Actually… you make me sick (n/v & diarrhea). Its enough that many doctors have a poor attitude and little care towards their patients, but taking advantage of your title “MD” and exploiting people with your profession that is supposed to make good?

you know, working hard and graduating Harvard… does not make one a better person … and you’re proof.

is this guy even licensed? he is in Arizona, and California, that is if his middle initial is “T”
1 year internship
General practice

I think graduates from those years dont have to maintain their license with any exams or CME. i may be wrong.

i wonder if he ever practiced as a physician…maybe he thought being in general practice he wouldnt have enough money to score the top notch quality ganja (i read it can be quite expensive for those mexican organic hydrophonics)

Thankfully he is on Quackwatch on Dr W-eil and his VitaminAdvisory *BUSTED* 🙂


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