Mesh infuser/strainer basket type .made in Japan

August 20, 2007 at 6:37 pm | Posted in Tea infusers/ strainers, Tea tools, accessories | 1 Comment

found at a Kam-Man Market (NY, Chinatown) ~ 3.5$ !!!

this one is 73mm outside diameter, 45mm depth.
perforations < 1mm, has been great for any tea

Had this for almost 2 years now, has worked great,
– twisted the handle in every position, its still well attached. (see 2nd pic)
– the screen has not broken anywhere, but its a little deformed from me trying to fit it in various places 🙂
– its now got a little brown “patina”, havent bleached it, only washed it with soap now and then. but i dont really like it dingy, so i got a new one.

update 2009: got me a new shiny one from H-Mart ~ 1.8$ , still made in Japan,

2009-04-15_5980 2009-04-15_5982 2009-04-15_5983
76mm outside diam, 55mm height,
very similar mesh formation.
perforations <1mm (2nd pic)
the handle is in steps, and its stamped in 2 round places as opposed to the one above.

– as strainer (infuse/brew the leaf in a separate cup, then strain it with this in another cup. somewhat time consuming, but the other side is that the tea leaf is not “constrained” by the space permitted by the infuser
– infuser (just infuse with the leaf in it, all you gotta do is lift it out of the water – but since this strainer is just ~ 1.5inch deep it doesnt work for fluffy leaf)
matcha maker


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  1. Buon Vino (winemaker filter company) carry a Brew Infuser. It can be purchased at any winemaking stores. example: http://w ww.le

    Great for making a pot of sun tea.

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