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August 18, 2007 at 4:55 pm | Posted in Assam, Black Tea, Breakfast, Tea Reviews | 2 Comments

blend, pyramid teabags, bad packaging just like the taj.

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^ largest teabag picture ever! sorry

I think the English (people who live in England) fancy this T quite a bit/ not everybody 🙂 thank goodness: Twobs
I wonder how the English drink their PG tips?
1. milk , milk + sugar
2. lemon, + sugar?

as the debate goes milk in first or milk in last (Cha Bei)?
i decide im in the mif category: lazy, dont have to stir

What can i say, mixed with milk totally removes astringency, but even so not my taste- so i add some(ok,alot) of sugar. I think taste is then pretty good and strong. Compared to Assam Taylors of harrogate that had a bit more funk to it, id say more kindof a fermented-tangyness, but flavor wasnt as strong (unless i did it with too much water.)

1 tbag + 7oz + 208F + 3min = flavor kind of slaps your mouth: STRONG ASTRINGENCY,
black tea taste sort of assam, rather a wine-y & feeling of fermented ?flavor – sour?
strong aftertaste, numbs the tastebuds (covered up with tannin, but can feel some astringency in the back) after which it lets taste a medium strength sweetwiney.

not bad… i thinks more pleasant experience than the brooke bond taj mahal which seemed bland? ill have to check with lost memories… yeah the bb taj was just a bland assam maltiness

on second try, @ 1.5min, still too astringent-bitter-sour whatever, need to put milk or sugar in this shit to calm it down.
dont like

some brooke bond commercials bideos on you-tube

Overall: My preference now stands at: Taj Mahal < PG Tips < Yorkshire Gold



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  1. Hello, Thanks for the link!

    I take it you are an American, forgive me if you aren’t.
    I was in San Diego last summer and tried to find some tea. I had to go to a specialist foreign food market, how demeaning. The only Tea they had was PG Tips.
    The PG Tips you get in the US isn’t the same blend as what we get in the UK. The US version is even worse.

  2. Yes American, dont worry not an insult 🙂
    Yes its true, in California i didnt see it, but here in New York City they have alot of imports even in ‘regular’ supermarkets compared to Los Angeles.
    Well that sucks even more if they send us the crappy blends 😛

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