Devising a New Tea Rating System … the TRS on TGFOP… cryptic enough i think, yah?

August 13, 2007 at 8:48 am | Posted in XYZ not T review | Leave a comment

most important to me in this tea review notebook “blog” which i did forget:
the still subjective, “good/bad” rating:
YES – NO – MAYBE , meaning…
yes = yes, get this if you run out! quick! withdrawal symptoms!!!
no = no, dont buy this (referring to me… me, dont buy it)
maybe = how confused must i be to decide whether or not to repurchase a product?

the number rating:
I am thrilled to announce our new tea rating system!
oh wait, uhm, not yet in working order

It has donned(is this the right word? never used it) on me that rating a tea is a tough job
and that my current rating system is not,,.. i dont like it, its rather random,
and being based on some memories from long ago- its not accurate
pretty much due to the fact of not tasting tea continuously
, 😦
which sadly is not my job , sniff, sniff

why even rate it with numbers? why not go : good/bad/soso ? … oh wait, i do have something like that
anyway….mmm… must be my undiagnosed OCD… or my like for numbers? i like 7 , 4… 5 ..3, 6 not so much, 1 is nice , 2 not really, 8 is confusing, 9 is chubby… 10 too complex

brainstorming (with halfabrain, otherside is sleeping)

a numbered system by which 7 is max = superb tea

how about starting with the number 3
+1 flavor strength = strong flavor without distortion,
+1 flavor complexity … ?
+1 infusions = preserving of flavor strength, new flavors get good grades, fading is no good
+1 leaf appearance = your chopped up leftover tea is not liked here
-1 liquor appearance eg cloudy, bugs= gets discounted, should be clear for good rating
-1 astringency = that tanninic (not bitter, not sour) black tea specific astringency is not liked gets discounted on rating (if its not the brewing/infusion technique… which could be a point of debate 😉
-1 sour, bitter = discount
-1 vitamin c taste
-10 taste of shit tea*/carboard, ass, feet, benzene/gas/chlorophorm/aspirin/yo mamas dirty laundry

*it may happen that my opinion feels a tea is shit, in which case SN’s TGFOP TRS DOES NOT APPLY and the tea gets rated a -10, or if unlucky a -100. and this comes with the do not sue me disclaimer. i plead mental disease your honor, tea bugs ate my brain.

… to be continued when i wake up


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