Pearl of Jasmine .Wing hop fung

July 28, 2007 at 9:42 am | Posted in Green Tea, Jasmine, Tea Reviews | 3 Comments

t 1115 , $19.99/lb

Had this in storage for about 3 months, lacking any good teas at the moment… awaiting some deliveries :),

so id thought i give this a try. either that or make more room !

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try #1 28/7/07

just had some grapes so mouth feels somewhat astringent already

1 tbsp measurer black one, ~ 4oz water, 190F 3min
smells good ofcourse
taste: … ehm… huh? mild , hmmm…. astringency, mild jasmine, …errr…

    try #2-5

    very pretentious leaf, gives me attitude and no good reliable taste.

    conclusion: hot water = astringency, unpleasant.
    cold water= less astringency mild/more enjoyable jasmine flavor.

    i feel no CHI , QI … ?… rather …slapped in the face…

    definitely a



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    1. SN

      Hey, it is Julian here.

      Is this the longzhu tea? My wife loves it, it is very accessible and flagrant.

      The one we got from Chinese supermarket has very large tea shoots – nice for beginners, but tastes too crude in comparison other finer green tea.

    2. i dont know whats longzhu, but this one doesnt taste like much, kinda like tea bags…

    3. I haven’t tried the pearls listed here, but i enjoyed the loose leaf Yinhao in a tin can off the shelf.

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