100% natural Black Tea of China .Royal King Brand

July 2, 2007 at 3:11 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Tea Reviews, Yunnan | 1 Comment

TEA> Black Tea> China> Yunnan (for more)

local store NY: ~2$ /1.41oz (20 tea bags) = 22$/lb, meh cheap…

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“organic, no preservatives” (…says Royal King from the Republic of China), i do believe them… really… seriously… i swear. i dont give a pluck about organic bs anyway…

Method 2: 2 teabags ~ 8oz ~3? min, 190F–>

Taste: better, more familiar tho still …rather mild yunnan black tea flavor, and somewhat watery,
mild astringency/tanninic, some very low aftertaste – coating the tongue, palate.
but i have to say: better than lipton :O :O (@_@)

hot the liquid tasted ok, but some minutes later, the about room temp liquor tasted almost like nothing, i had to wash my mouth to retaste and most of the flavor was astringent.

Method 3: 2teabags and then stirred around, stressed them a little, and there is a little more taste, more astringency, and prominent cruddy tea bag taste. NASTY.

Method 1:1tbag/4oz … not even 4oz of water could concentrate some f* damn flavor…

taste: watery, faded, yunnan black tea flavor, no astringency.

poor results thusfar.

will try 2 teabags in 6oz water…
i figure more infusion time or more tbags will throughly ‘astringentize’ this infusion… oh well, we’ll see…

Overall: final score 2.0/7 … no… thats not a good score= i would not buy this on purpose… damn, its getting rather depressing with all this tasteless stuff…


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  1. i drink the royal king brand of green tea ALL THE TIME. it tastes so good!

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