Now in NY…

June 15, 2007 at 5:51 pm | Posted in XYZ not T review | Leave a comment

moved to NY. not fun.

USPS are a bunch of lazy incompetents. Only thing i like is that they put rubber bands on the letters: now i have a collection, and dont need to buy any 🙂 thanks!!!

ABF U-Pack is good. Fedex is good. UPS mostly drops packages without knocking on door.

services in NY are no different than LA. some employees are good, some are bad.


moisture makes hot hotter, cold colder.

NYC subway is a filthy dumpster. hello cockroaches on my seat, hello rats in the station. dirt, smells.

NY chinatown is full of crap. “You want buy Prada bag?”, “I got new movie DVD”…

NY is fun for the ladies… 5$ bags, lots of shopping to do … oy!

driving rental truck thru Jamaica… never seen such horrible roads in a large US city…

traffic sucks, drivers are morons+idiots+assholes here (comparable worse driving in LA ive experienced on the 101 around White Oak, and on the 5, and also around Oakland(SF)).

while that sounds like complaints,… after 2 months … i love NY . There is no city like it in the world (maybe HongKong, i’ve not been there).


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