High Mountain King of Oolong .Wing Hop Fung

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dry leaf mild smell

208F x 2min = nice pungent flowery/orchidy, minor astringent but not unpleasant, works for me
can do ~ 2x –> 0.5L (from the 3rd infusion taste looses floweryness, becomes somewhat vegetal greenish).

not enough infusion time/too much water, it feels watery, but has a honey aroma…

good param: 1.5x black dispenser ‘tablespoon’ sized. in 8oz 190F, 4min. 1xblack dispenser ‘tablespoon’ sized. –> wash ~170 1min, –> in 8oz 190F, 3min:
smell pleasant pungent flowery, flavor low!?! watery… 😦

3x little dispensers 3/4 glass full 190F

its deep “pungent” flowery kinda flavor immediately taste reminded me of another oolong, seems that is Monkey Picked Oolong. darn cant remember taste particularities of the monkey picked but theyre very similar.

its good 4.5/7

2nd infusion still strong. same 3/4 full.


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